GovCon Synergies, Inc. specializes in Controller/CFO outsourcing, government approved accounting systems, and financial compliance solutions for small to midsize government contractors using Unanet, Deltek CostPoint, GCS Premier, and QuickBooks software.   GovCon Synergies, Inc. assists clients with accounting system implementations and post implementation consulting support.  Our experience in the management of all accounting and finance functions is coupled with our comprehensive understanding of the complexities of accounting for the government contracting market.

Contact GovCon Synergies if:

  • Your company is not large enough to justify a full-time Controller/CFO
  • You are struggling to recruit a Government Contracting Controller/CFO
  • Your Controller/CFO has left or is about to leave your company
  • You do not have government contract accounting expertise “in house”
  • You need a business partner to achieve financial compliance

What is Synergy?

As the name suggests, Synergy may be defined as two or more individuals or companies functioning together to produce a result not independently achievable.  It is the vital ingredient that turns a group into a “team”.  Synergy results when teams pull together, trust each other, and work cooperatively with each other for an enhanced effect.

This synergistic effect provides an opportunity for business owners/executives to drive the business forward.

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